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To join the ZSCCA or renew your current membership, please Register to create an Account.

If you have already have an account, login to see the options to renew.

You will see the option to join/renew just below the Menu bar. You can pay your dues via paypal/crediti card or check.

ZSCCA Membership

ZSCCA Membership is $30 per year for both US and International members.

Here are some of the benefits and reasons to join the ZSCCA.
  • A quarterly digital magazine (The CruiZin' Newz)
  • Strength in numbers. Our club has been around since the birth of the Z3 in 1996 evolving from the Z3 registry, the Z3 Car Club of America and with the birth of the Z4 as the Z Series Car Club of America. We are the only exclusive ā€œZā€ club with a nationwide presence.
  • We are a SIG (Special Interest Group) of the BMW CCA.
  • Our reps plan and coordinate social gatherings, local drives and events that we as members can enjoy.
  • We provide a network of folks that own and drive our favorite car(s).
  • Group touring in and outside of your state.
  • Tech Topics.
  • Friends who understand why you spend so much time with your car!
  • We offer access to this website and soon there will be a members only area where you'll be able to download the Cruizin Newz, current and past issues as well as other goodies.
  • Our club store allows you to to order neat ZSCCA gear on line.

Some of the intangible, perhaps tangible benefits include the continent-wide group of friends. ZSCCA Members have had great experiences connecting with other Z drivers on their club drives around the country.

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