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Although Facebook is not loved by all, it is a great tool to communicate with other club members.

We hope that you will use Facebook and contribute to the discussions and postings.

  Here is a current list of Facebook and/or Websites hosted by ZSCCA Area Reps.

Feel free to check out your local pages or join us on the main ZSCCA Facebook group.

Click for the main ZSCCA Facebook Group
StateArea NameRepEmailFacebookWebsite
AROzark BMW Z Club Scott Young Scott.young64@outlook.com
AZArizona (Phoenix) Martin Ercoline az@zscca.org
AZArizona (Tucson) Karl Kramer zazsoftucson@zscca.org
CANorthern California Tarlock Sagoo norcalbmwzs@zscca.org
CACalifornia (Southern) Robert Bartel casouth@zscca.org
CAN-BCVictoria BMW Z Enthusiasts Ken McLean victoriabmwz@zscca.org
CAN-SKSaskatchewan, Canada sask@zscca.org
COMid Colorado Jon Moorhead midcolorado@zscca.org
CTConnecticut ct@zscca.org
FLFlorida (North) Greg Cevelin flnorth@zscca.org
FLFlorida (South) Terry Fleegle flsouth@zscca.org
FLFlorida (NE Coast) Brian Vietti flcoast@zscca.org
FLFlorida (SW Coast) Dale Kopko ftmyers@zscca.org
FLFlorida (Tampa Bay) Michael Scheuer tampabay@zscca.org
FLFlorida Panhandle Steve Ranner bigbendzs@zscca.org
GAGeorgia (Atlanta) Russ Collins atlanta@zscca.org
GAGeorgia (Southern) gasouth@zscca.org
HIHawaii (Big Island) Elizabeth Johnson ej9223@gmail.com
ILIllinois Robin Blair il@zscca.org
INIndiana (Bristol) Nico Valentijn hoosierzcarclub@zscca.org
LALouisiana (Lafayette) Eric Lumpkin cajun@zscca.org
MDMaryland Gene & Robin Warren md@zscca.org
MEBMW Z Maineiacs Bob Staples bmwzmaineiacs@zscca.org
MIMichigan (East) Daniel Warsh mieast@zscca.org
MOMissouri (St. Louis) Todd Ellis stlouis@zscca.org
MOMissouri (N/NWest) / Kansas (Eastern)
MOMissouri (Southwest) Jim Stewart somobimmerzs@zscca.org
NCNorth Carolina (Eastern) Thom Hoagland coastalcarolinazs@zscca.org
NCNorth Carolina (Charlotte) Eric Peck charlotte@zscca.org
NCNorth Carolina (Western) Bill Price ncwest@zscca.org
NHNew Hampshire Lou Beaudette nhzeacoastzclub@zscca.org
NJNew Jersey Al Mancuso nj@zscca.org
NYNew York (Southern Tier) Gregory Finch nysouth@zscca.org
NYNew York (Western) Jay Parnes nywest@zscca.org
NYNew York City Dori Komarin nyc@zscca.org
OHOhio (Columbus) Crystal Shreve buckeyeZs@zscca.org
OKOklahoma (Tulsa) Dan David ok@zscca.org
ORZs of Corvallis Valley Alexander Fieldhouse zsofcorvallisvalley@zscca.org
OROregon (Portland East) Bill Kupchin portlandzedheads@zscca.org
PAPennsylvania (Pittsburgh) Shawn Najowicz pittsburgh@zscca.org
PAPennsylvania (Eastern) paeast@zscca.org
PAPennsylvania (Central) Mark Bigelow pacentral@zscca.org
PAPennsylvania (Northwest) Richard Lipchik panwest@zscca.org
RIRhode Island Gene Clark RI@zscca.org
SCSouth Carolina (Lower) sclower@zscca.org
SCSouth Carolina (Upstate) David G Weeks scupstate@zscca.org
TNTennessee (Eastern) Cindy Callaway tneast@zscca.org
TNTennessee (Middle) Jody Ruffner middletennezee@zscca.org
TXTexas (Houston) David Meaux spacecityzs@zscca.org
TXTexas (San Antonio) Kaye & Tony Jajou sanantonio@zscca.org
TXTexas Mike Wood tx@zscca.org
VAVirginia (Central) Stephen Kline va@zscca.org
VAVirginia (Potomac/Capital Region) Eddie Henry potomaczs@zscca.org
VAVirginia (Southwest) Edward Davidson vasouthwest@zscca.org
WAWashington (Seattle Metro) Jim Dunn seattle@zscca.org
WIWisconsin Scott Hedding badgerstatezscca@zscca.org
WVWest Virginia Adam Moore wva@zscca.org

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